DnD Sheets

by Jean-François Leblanc


DnD Sheets is a digital character sheet for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition and Pathfinder roleplaying games.  DnD Sheets is available for the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store.


What is DnD Sheets?

DnD Sheets was created with the specific needs of the player in mind. I have a long time Dungeons and Dragons experience both as a player and as a dungeon master. I created this product with one goal only: making a character sheet every player would love to use.

Jean-François Leblanc

  1. Carry an unlimited number of characters with you wherever you go.

  2. Integrated dice buttons for “on the fly” games where you don’t have your dices handy.

  3. Automatic recalculation of numeric variables accelerate gameplay and level ups and eliminates the risk of forgetting to update a value.

  4. Support for both D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder.

  5. Editable library of weapons, armors, spells and psionic powers.

  6. Editable skill list.

  7. Quick roll for attacks, damage, skill checks, saves, initiative, grapple checks, etc. Just tap the blue number and a roll is automatically made for you.

  8. Equip / Un-equip armors and shields with the tap of a button. The armor class updates instantly.

  9. Automatic calculation of character load with visual indicators when a load level is exceeded.

  10. Move inventory items between on character and off character storage with the tap of a button.

  11. Support for multi-class characters with up to six classes.

  12. Multiple notes page with internet links to let you enter any information about the campaign, current quests, NPCs, etc. Each note page can have an attached image.

  13. Easy to use interface with intuitive lists. To add an line, simply tap the blank line. To delete a line, simply clear the name.

  14. Interface divided in the following “pages”: General, Skills, Features/Feats, Equipment, Inventory, Arcane Magic, Divine Magic, Psionic, Notes, Effects tracker.

  15. A simple effects tracker lets you keep a list of active effects, spells casts, etc and the number of rounds remaining for each.

  16. An auto save feature saves your character whenever you change page or when you close the application.

  17. Easy character cloning. Simply change the character name and save.

  18. Always have a clean sheet. No more messy sheets because of constant writing and erasing.

  19. Export to PDF function with options to email or print directly from the app.

  20. Save money in the long run by saving on paper, ink, pencils, etc.

DnD Sheets’ features